Bi-weekly Car Payment Calculator

This bi-weekly car payment calculator will help you estimate your possible savings if you decide to use an accelerated bi-weekly payment plan.

In contrast to the traditional monthly payment plan where you make one car loan payment every month, in a bi-weekly payment plan you make a car loan payment every two weeks. This results in paying the equivalent amount of one additional monthly car loan payment every year, which goes directly against your principal.

Thus, your car loan may be paid off faster, saving you a lot of money in interest.

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Car Payment Terms Reference:

Bi-weekly payments

Bi-weekly payments represent the car payments you make in a bi-weekly payment plan. Every two weeks you make a car loan payment that is equivalent to half of a normal monthly payment.

Original loan amount

The original amount of money you borrow to finance your car.

Interest rate

The car loan’s interest rate.

Loan term in months

The original number of months you would need to repay your car loan if you made the usual monthly payments.

First payment date

The starting date for your car loan payments.

Monthly Prepayment amount (optional)

The amount of money you may choose (this is optional) to make as an additional monthly payment. In your bi-weekly payment plan will be divided equally and debited every two weeks.

The information and interactive car payment calculators that are provided on this site are made available as general assistant guidance in regards to car loans and payments. We do not guarantee that any information or calculations will be accurate or applicable to your personal financial situation, circumstances, or objectives. Accordingly, before making any final decisions we encourage you to consult a qualified professional and get personalized advice.

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