Car Payment Calculator

You can use this car payment calculator to estimate your monthly car payments or the total purchase price of the car you will be financing.

Just fill in the fields with your information and see the results by clicking on the “Calculate” button. In order to view your complete loan amortization schedule (that is the schedule of the payments for paying off your car loan), click on the "View Report" button.

Use the graph to see how your monthly car payments will change depending on your loan term or the amount of your down payment.

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Car Payment Terms Reference:

Monthly payment

The payment you make for your car loan every month.

Total purchase price (before tax)

The total purchase price includes the cost of your car plus any destination charges and additional options. Sales tax should not be included here since it is calculated and added to your total after tax price.

Term in months

The number of months for which you take your car loan.

Interest rate

The annual interest rate which is charged and paid for your car financing.

Cash down

The amount of cash you put down (the down payment) for your car purchase. This cash will have a direct effect on your car payments since the larger the cash down payment, the smaller the car financing that is needed.

Trade allowance

This is the total amount given to you for your car trade-in. The sales tax may also be reduced as a result of the trade-in in some states.

Amount owed on trade

The loan balance on the trade-in that is still unpaid.

Non-taxable fees (optional)

Any additional fees that are not liable to sales tax (for instance document fees).

Taxable fees (optional)

Any additional fees that are liable to sales tax (for instance title transfer fees).

Sales tax rate

The percentage rate of the sales tax levied on your car purchase.

No sales tax deduction for trade-in

Some states do not allow tax deductions for trade-ins. If your state is one of those and takes the full purchase price when calculating the sales tax, you should check this box. If it calculates the sales tax on the car purchase price less the trade-in, leave it unchecked. Currently the only states that allow no tax deductions for trade-ins are: California, Hawaii, Michigan, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Additionally, Montana, Delaware, Oregon, Alaska, and New Hampshire do not have sales tax on automobiles.

The information and interactive car payment calculators that are provided on this site are made available as general assistant guidance in regards to car loans and payments. We do not guarantee that any information or calculations will be accurate or applicable to your personal financial situation, circumstances, or objectives. Accordingly, before making any final decisions we encourage you to consult a qualified professional and get personalized advice.

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